London street market walks


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Sandra Shevey - London's markets are still the things which about London remain real.  They haven't lost the smell- the touch, of actually being and doing.  They are not museum pieces.  They are not introspective or self-conscious.  They are rough, rude and ready places where things happen and people connect.  And for the observer they are rich tapestries of London life.  You can learn more about London in five minutes at a market than by spending years at university.

John Sargent, Archives and Local Studies Manager, Westminster City Archives - The Sandra Shevey Market Walks must constitute an unique attraction for visitors to London as well as residents, regardless  of how long they have been resident or how well they know their town.

What's On' magazine - Sandra Shevey has cornered the market (on markets) - Author offers a range of homemade guided walks around London. A large number of London's famous markets are covered, such as Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Covent Garden and Whitechapel.

Visit East London - London Street Market Tours specialize in daily walks around some of London's oldest surviving markets with the best-selling author Sandra Shevey. Sandra takes you on a wander around the city's most obscure corners; and walks are buoyed by Sandra's readings of accounts of the writers, painters and merchants who lived and worked in the markets.



Copyright (c) 2007 Sandra Shevey. All Rights Are Reserved.Copyright (c) 2007 Sandra Shevey. All Rights Are Reserved.